Popit Medication Tracker FAQs

How does Popit Sense medication tracker work? How does automatic pill tracking work? Does it work with my medication? What's the mechanism?How do I used it? FAQ page answers to all kinds of questions you have asked!

How does Popit Sense work?

Popit Sense uses three sensors; acoustic (there’s a mic), accelerometer, and touch. These three sensors combined provide an accurate measurement. Popit can sense when you take a pill and transfer the accurate information to the FREE app. The technology is patented.

So is this actually something for the elderly?

Why is Popit Sense better than a reminder app or smartphone alarm? I use those all the time.

Does Popit Sense need to stay close to my phone in order for it to see that I took a pill?

Does it fit all kinds of pill packs?

How about wallet-type packages with cardboard?

Will it come off in my bag?

Will it disturb the censor if the device is kept in a bag?

How accurate is it?

Does the mic listen to what I do?

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