Use anywhere

Small and discreet

Works with different pill sheets

You can even use round pill packs

Special Features

Automatic tracking

No manual input needed on the app or the device to keep track of daily pills.

Smart reminder

Only reminds if you forget. No more needless alerts.

Inform loved ones

Automatic email sent if pills are forgotten.

Long battery life

User-replaceable battery lasts up to 12 months. (daily pill)

Which Pills Are OK?

Popit Sense fits most pill brands, including round sheets. You just need to make sure your pill sheet has about half a pinky finger's width (1/4 - 3/8" or 6-9 mm) free space anywhere on the edges for proper attachment.

Some brands have a hole in the middle, which can also be used for attachment so that Popit Sense will actually be in the middle of the sheet.

What is it?

Popit Sense is your high tech, FDA registered sidekick for medications that come in blister packs.

Together with the free app it tracks pills you've popped and reminds only if you're about to miss a pill. Pill extraction is detected with patented technology and three different sensors.

Popit's solution has been validated in a study with a leading university hospital, reducing the number of missed pills by over 80%. Something that free reminder apps and the alarm clock can only dream of.

How it works


The free app turns your smartphone into a medication hub with smart reminders and pill information.


Clip Popit Sense onto your blister pack. Pair it with the app. Your pills are now connected.

Stay on track

Take your medication like you normally would. Popit supports you and reminds you only if you forget.


I always miss pills. This is a life saver for me!

Juanita, 22