Taking medication should be stress-free.
Attach Popit Sense onto your pill sheet, so your medication can work as intended.

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This is how it works

Automatic pill tracking

Popit uses 3 sensors (touch, movement, sound) to detect when you take the pill

Sync with smartphone

Popit Sense seamlessly updates your pill habit on the app

Get reminders

Receive customized alerts only when you forget your pills

50% of patients miss medications

Remembering to take pills everyday can be challenging for anyone. Stressing about whether you take your pill or not? Now you always know the answer.

Stay on track, Worry less

Popit tracks your medication use and helps make sure you stay consistent. You can get insights into daily, weekly, and monthly pill usage on our free Popit App (Available on Appstore, Google Playstore, and Huawei AppGallery).

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Trustworthy solution

Popit has been developed together with leading healthcare professionals. We are clinically proven to reduce missed pills by 80% and used by some of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies.

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One for all

Popit Sense can be used for
• Birth Control Pills
• Diabetes Medication
• Thyroid Medication
• Anti-depressants
• Blood Pressure Medication, etc.
Just make sure that your meds come in blister and have enough space on the edge to clip Popit Sense.

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Smart Pill Reminder

$ 42.00 USD

Popit Sense is a small and compact pill assistant that you can carry anywhere, anytime. Every device includes battery and can be activated immediately. Made in Finland.

What our customers say

It is so much easier to stay on track with my meds now. I get to see my pill history, next dose, and get reminded only when I forget to take one.

– Johanna

I got Popit from my husband and have been using it for 2 months now. What a great invention! I am no longer afraid of forgetting my pills and my husband doesn't have to remind me to take it anymore.

– Sandra

Popit has been super helpful for someone busy like me. The alarm will automatically be off after I pop my pill and if I'm not sure whether I take it or not, I can check from the app. It has been 6 months with Popit and no pill was missed!

– Linh

I no longer worry about missing my pills. Popit is like my personal caretaker who knows when I miss pills and alerts immediately.

– Rebecca

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