Never miss your pills again 

All-in-One Medication Tracker & Pill Reminder. Clinically proven to increase pill adherence by over 80%.


World's smartest pill reminder
Popit automatically senses when you miss a pill. No manual input needed. 

Notifications for your loved ones
Alert your loved one's if they miss a pill. Also features automatic email reminders.
Track progress and stay consistent 
Provides daily, weekly, monthly insights and helps you build a routine.   


✓ Avoid unwanted pregnancy
Reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy and weight gain due to inconsistent pill usage. 
✓ Manage ADHD, Diabetes, Arthritis, Blood Pressure & more
Increases pill adherence by over 80% by helping you stay on track and being consistent.
✓ Save time using the medication management app
Easy and simple medication management helps you keep a track of all your medication in one place.


No Unwanted Alerts

Popit can sense when you pop a pill, get notified ONLY if you miss a dose.

Get Personalised Insights

Track how you take your pills. Get the best from your medication.

Patented Technology

Popit Sense has three sensors for monitoring when pills are taken.

Popit in real life

"So much better than a regular reminder. I constantly swipe those away and can’t remember if I took the pill or not." - Jenny

"Omg I can actually remember to take my meds now!!! Game changer." - Mercedes

Smart Pill Assistant

Smart Pill Assistant


Ever missed a pill while using the smartphone alarm clock? Then this one’s for you. 

Popit Sense is the new, evolved version of the humble reminder. Together with the free app it keeps you on track and helps with your daily pill routine. Because it’s smart, it reminds you only if you’ve forgotten. And because it has unique tech, it automatically detects whenever you’ve taken a pill.


Clip the pill blister to the Popit device

Download the app & pair using Bluetooth

Update pill data & time to start tracking