Worried about
weight gain?

45% of women are worried about gaining weight while on the pill

Worried About Weight Gain?

40% of women are worried about gaining weight while on the pill

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Download Popit app and connect to Popit Sense

Popit Sense is the new, evolved version of the humble reminder. Together with the free app it keeps you on track and helps with your daily pill routine.
Because it’s smart, it reminds you only if you’ve forgotten. And because it has unique tech, it automatically detects whenever you’ve taken a pill. Something that the smartphone alarm or regular reminder apps simply cannot do.

Clips securely

Popit Sense is easily attached onto the pill sheet. Small metal spikes pierce the pill sheet and offer excellent grip.

Popit Sense fits most pill brands, including round sheets. You just need to make sure your pill sheet has about half a pinky finger's width (1/4 - 3/8" or 6-9 mm) free space anywhere on the edges for proper attachment.

Stay on track and become more consistent

The app shows how consistent you've been with pills and provides additional insights. It also provides the possibility to share how you are taking pills with a loved one.

While reminder apps are able to improve pill-taking by 

By being consistent, only 7% experience weight gain


Medication cannot work as intended if it is not taken as prescribed. Consistency and taking pills according to guidance play a key role in reducing unwanted side-effects. Popit helps you stay consistent.

Popit reduces the number of missed pills by over 80%

Popit Sense and the app have been proven to significantly reduce the number of missed pills.

In a clinical pilot together with a leading university hospital, the solution was able to reduce missed pills by over 80% and help build a solid routine around pill-taking.

Popit in real life